Hello and Welcome!

Yes, that is a bad headshot, we’re working on it. It was taken by Jennifer Tucker (JMC Photography), who does amazing work and has a fantastic studio. Against all odds, I managed to look the way I did when my Mom took headshots for me in high school (don’t tell her I said that). I personally believe that I never properly learned how to pose for a photo and that candid is where it’s at. Please scroll down and see the marvelous show photos I’ve accumulated over the years.

Theater is one of the most important aspects of my life, and like all things in my life, I have some opinions about how it should be done. It is not enough to make good art, you must also be good at making the art. Too often an artist will look at their work and say “good enough”, moving on towards the next project, ready to settle. I think that’s crap.

I attended Seattle University in the pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Theater because it was the program that would allow me to study every aspect of theatrical production. Yes, I acted all four years I attended SU, but I also got to produce, direct, design, study, and live theater in such a way I had never been offered before. Some of my best work was done while I was also the Technical Director, some of my worst was when I “took a quarter off”.

Since graduating I have been exploring acting and directing in more niche ways than I have in the past. It has been largely Shakespearean with some weird devising and delightful youth/education productions thrown in for good measure.

I rarely write anymore so if you enjoy what I have on here, bug me about it through the various methods I have left you on this website. I know I should be writing for myself, but I’m an actor at heart so my main incentivization remains attention.

My email is Dylanzucati (at) gmail.com and I will read anything you write me.