Dylan Zucati

One Hell of a First Entry

Today I was working in the scene shop at my university when, due to no one's fault, a ladder fell on my head. It has been decided that I probably don't have a concussion, but if I did then what a landmark blog post this would be. I will say that I definitely feel weird and tired, but a ladder did just fall on my head and if you had asked me how I felt at any point in the last two weeks "weird and tired" would probably be the words that came to mind.

For example: It took me several tries to spell the word "definitely", but it always takes me a couple tries; definitely is definitely spelled with three i's in my mind. Where does that third i go? I'd love to be mysterious about it but realistically it just changes every time I spell it. Every time is another weird combination of letters! I am a goddamned English minor, you would think that for once in my life I would spell every time with a space in between the two words (in between also has a space, fun fact) BUT NO! I spell every time everytime every time!!! Words are funny that way. I feel really bad for the writers who existed before the invention of spell check; I don't believe in autocorrect's existence in this world, but spell check is my own personal godsend. 

Now you may be thinking, "Wow, Dylan must have a concussion, he just spent the entirety of his first blog post talking about how he just didn't like certain words." Look, I may have a concussion, but that has nothing to do with my frustration about how certain words are spelled. I lay awake for hours most nights frustrated about something that essentially no one gives a shit about. My anxiety manifests in a lot of different ways, but when it's most entertaining to me is when it focuses on details no one in their right mind would care about. I use the phrase entertaining in the same way you would describe pulling on a hangnail entertaining, if I can't fight my devils then I might as well dance with them.

Well that's all for now. I'm going to watch leaves blow in the wind outside this window until the weather lightens up a bit.

Do work.