Dylan Zucati

Do work.

I've been very concerned as of late with the concept of "doing your best work". Does it matter that I'm not doing my best work right now? I am arguably doing good work, but does it deserve seeing the light of day if it's not my best work? I think there's something ingrained in all of us that tells you to only share what is worth sharing, that the half baked and unimportant drivel we churn out on a daily basis should stay locked away on our laptops and in our notebooks. Even those that say you should share work that's still in process will argue that there are things that you still shouldn't bother with, they still think you have something worth hiding. Those people probably don't like selfies either.

My brother likes to bring up my YouTube channel every chance he gets, he thinks it's hilarious how bad those videos are. He is right, they're pretty bad. I don't take them down for the same reason I'm going to be putting my poetry up on this website. It's not about whether or not I've created something that my audience wants to read, it's about me creating something that I wanted to write. It's the reason my Instagram looks more like snapchat and my twitter looks like some else's draft folder. I want to create art for my audience, art that has the ability to create some sort of change within them and hopefully spur them on to create art of their own.

However, I refuse to cater, or change anything about my writing to better serve my audience. If you don't like what you read, then there's always something else to read. If it makes you choke, cry, or just generally feel uncomfortable then I'm either doing something really well or really poorly. And I want people to respond to my work! Art is so boring when it's one sided, but I have to separate those who are critiquing my work from those who think it was never worth being made in the first place. Brothers be damned! I've been embarrassing him since I was eight, he can deal with it when I'm twenty one. 

That's all for now, have a good week.


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