Dylan Zucati

A Midwinter Night's Dream

I dream each night of your lips

Moments from kissing

Skin touching and igniting fireworks

Putting the 4th of July to shame

With the thought of you

Soft and gentle at first

Rolling into each other

Reminders of sensations

Barely touching one another

A tango love song game of chicken

Waiting for the other to break

Show their love can't be contained

In the vibrating, explosive shell

Most people call the human body


I can't call you that, nor anything else

To call you art would be a joke

Art is available for anyone to see

But the way I view you is impossible

For the other 5,999,999,999 people to see

To call you a goddess would be an insult

The gods themselves couldn't

Capture your image in theirs

There isn't a word in the dictionary

That describes my feelings

For just the sound of your voice


The dam breaks and our lips embrace

Speaking in a thousand unknown languages

Seeking a way to communicate

Not love

But the death like flutter of the heart

The scream silenced deep inside my chest

Cutting at inner walls

Clawing at my flesh

When you pass through my thoughts

Reminding me that there has always

Only ever been one

That waiting for the Disney ending

Means losing the beginning and middle

My legs shake

Do not mistake this for nerves

They are simply on a different frequency

When they kiss at the ballet

Their legs extend to the heavens

Proving that no matter your training

Your limbs will always try

to whisper love's name in God's ear


Fingers grab hold

Skin, blankets, clothes, the bathroom sink

Anything capable of restraining

Myself from ripping my chest in two

Showing how my heart beats only for you

Pardon my sappy rhyme

My words become cliches

When you bite my lower lip

And moan love songs

Too secret for a melody

Though familiar enough

That I know what comes next

And how to sing along


I dream each night of your lips

I wake up each night

At just the hint of a smile

That, for me, is enough

NO title

A Song For My Grandfather