Dylan Zucati

For Lady Part 2

My love for you is like a rock

Skipped across a still lake

Turning over like an old car

Once, twice, three times if you're lucky

Before going the way of the smooth stone

And sinking into nothingness


Much like the rock

Drifting to the bottom of the lake

My love for you has gone


Darling, I don't know where it's gone

I simply work up feeling empty

Your image, filling me with shame

Our memories breaking my heart


I can still feel the love we had

Still feel the the softness in your cheeks 

Smell the gentleness of the back of your neck

But I think somewhere 

Between that first kiss

And the last winter snow

I simply ran out


And I didn't run out of love

I still ride the bus

Finding my one true love

At every empty bus stop


I still feel so much

That it make me puke

Just thinking of the girl

Sitting across the table 

Smiling at my stupid jokes


Babe, my love for you is gone

Every time you visit

We come together like magnets

Brought together by communal lust

Or the need for the absence of solitude

I doubt we even feel anything


Sweet Pea

Honey Bear

Love Muffin

Sugar Tits!

My love for you is gone

And I have spent sleepless nights looking for it

I've searched it out

At the bottom of a bottle

And at the end of a joint

I've listened to the songs you sent

Going through the pictures we took


My love for you is gone

I don't know where it went

I know I'm done looking for it

A Song For My Grandfather

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